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Scandinavia chapter

We are the board/the gang that run this chapter and will make it fun and educational for you to join us.

We are all active within aviation.

Melissa Ström - President  - Malmö



Lova Bannister - Vice President - Stockholm

    Skydiving, Hot air balloons, Tunnel flying


Dana Larsson - Membership Chair - Västerås

    Helicopter Pilot


Nina Haag - Youth Membership Chair


Marieke van Hulst Pedersen - Partnership Chair - Denmark

    Mobilities Research & Aviation Photography

Anna-Maria Markova - Program Chair - Finland

    Student, Aviation & Sustainability


Vacant - Secretary



Saida Razzaque - Outreach Chair - Stockholm

    Flight Instructor


Boel Stefansson - Treasurer - Malmö / Stockholm

    Air Traffic Control Watch Supervisor / Coordinator


Vacant - Social Media Chair



Ann Cederhall - Communications Chair - Malmö

    Airline IT & Distribution


Alexandra (Lexie) Brandt - Marketing Chair - Norway

    Flight Instructor


Sara Lindhult - Newsletter - Gothenburg

    Air Traffic Control


Nikita Patel - Auditor & Norway Representative - Norway

    Airline Pilot, First Officer - Boeing 737/777/787

Martina De Coster Hunova - Online Activities Coordinator

    Private Pilot, Aviation Language Assessment

Andreas Nilsson Ström - (not on the board)

    Webmaster & Administrative Assistant


Who can join?

Anyone who has a passion and an interest in aviation, and wants to encourage gender diversity, can join! We have members who are students, air traffic controllers, transport inspectors, pilots, aerospace engineers, pilots, aviation enthusiasts and more.

Join today!

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